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Alexis Rain  Whitney Morgan Foot Worship Foot Fetish Cum on Feet Toe Spreading Porn Tube Video

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Alexis Rain and Whitney Morgan bring you two sets of hot feet right in your face. They tease you and laugh while you jerk-off looking at their sexy feet. You love the foot humiliation!
Don’t we have beautiful feet? Your foot fetish makes us laugh you pathetic loser. Your small cock is probably tiny enough to fit between our toes. These feet are just for you. We are going to rub them all over your face while you play with your hard cock. We know how much you worship our feet.
Our feet and toes are nice and soft as we stretch them out for you and push them into your face. They are so close that you can almost sniff them. Rub your cock all over them if you want. We bet you would love to just drench our supple feet with your cum. Stoke it baby and cum on our feet. We love it.
- Alexis Rain & Whitney Morgan

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Danica Logan Cum on Feet Foot Worship Foot Fetish Porn Video Tube

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Danica is a stunning, fresh-faced brunette with soft feet and toes. She relaxes with a magazine while you stare at her gorgeous feet.
I don’t have to say a word to get you to masturbate while looking at my feet. I know you had your cock in your hand the moment you seen my sexy toes. Stare at them as much as you want while I sit here and read my magazine. You can masturbate if you want. I’ll just sit here while you worship my pretty feet.
I look up from my magazine and see you stroking your cock while looking at me feet. It turns me on when you jerk off and look at my feet. I want you to imagine having my toes in your mouth while you jerk off. Now stand up and soak my feet with cum. I know you want to.
- Danica Logan

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Miss Tiffany Foot Fetish Obsession Foot Worship Video Tube Porn

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Miss Tiffany and her prefect little toes are here for your viewing pleasure. Are you ready to enjoy worshiping her feet?
I know you've already got your cock in your hands. There are so many hot girls, who can blame you for jerking off? Don't my pretty pink toes just drive you crazy? I will wiggle these little piggies for you if you want. See how well they flex? Wouldn't you just love to slide that hard cock right in between my sweet little feet?
I would rub them faster and faster with my feet. Ooh, baby, doesn't that feel good? I wish I could be around your cock right now. My soft skin wrapping around that hot rod of yours. I bet you're getting close, aren't you loser? I'm gonna count down from 10, you better be ready to get that cum all over my feet now.
- Miss Tiffany

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Julie Simone Foot Worship Foot Fetish Toe Spreading Porn Tube Video

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Cute, soft spoken brunette Julie Simone spreads her toes for you. She knows you have a foot fetish and she loves to make you horny by playing with her feet.
Watch me wiggle my sweet toes in your face. I spread my toes apart so you can imagine sticking your tongue in between them. I hope it makes your dick nice and hard. I love when guys look at my feet. It’s almost as if I feel your cock tickling the soles of my feet as I watch you masturbate.
I know it feels good when you look at my feet in your face and start playing with yourself. I’m going to put my feet so close to your face that you can see nothing else. Now lick the soles of my feet while you stroke your cock harder. I know how bad you want to jerk off on my feet and cum between my toes.
- Julie Simone

I want you to cum on my soft little feet

Elena de Luca Foot Fetish Obsession Cum on Feet Jerk Off Instruction Porn Tube Video

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Join beautiful brunette Elena de Luca as she sits on the bed in her tight black corset displaying her feet for you. She rubs her soft feet together to make you her foot slave.
My skin is even softer than it looks. If you touched my feet one time, I know your cock would get hard right away. I hope your cock is hard already because I love when guys jerk-off while they are looking at my feet. I rub them together so you will get turned on looking at them.
Go ahead and masturbate baby, don’t be shy. It makes me feel good that you like my feet so much that you pull your cock out right in front of me. Look how soft my legs and feet look. I’m going to spread my toes apart. Now you are my foot slave. I want you to cum all over my supple feet.
- Elena de Luca

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Leah Lush Foot Fetish Obsession Cum on Feet Foot Licking Porn Video Tube

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Leah Lush is a cute and slim brunette with supple feet and toes. She spreads her toes out for you so you can imagine licking them.
Come lick and suck on my pretty toes baby. Come nice and close so I can spread my toes right in your face. Kiss and lick the soles of my feet. Worship my feet, toes, heels, and soles good baby. I like guys who have a foot fetish and appreciate looking at my pretty and sexy feet. I bet you want to cum all over them.
Don’t you want me to grab your cock with my feet? It makes me horny thinking about you jerking off while I show you my feet. Stick your tongue right between my toes as I spread them apart for you. Don’t my soft feet feel good wrapped around your cock? My feet would look even more sexy covered with your cum.
- Leah Lush

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