Lay down so I can put my feet in your face

Jolene  Lance Hart Foot Massage Foot Fetish Obsession Foot Worship

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Jolene is tired of waiting around. She needs someone to come and worship her feet, and even though Lance Hart comes on a little strong, she's not going to turn down a free foot rub.
At first, I just wanted Lance to leave me alone. But after a little sweet talking I figured what the hell. Don't you just love the way he licks up and down my foot? He's pretty good with the foot foreplay, but I had to put down my foot and keep his perky ass on track. I can be such a bossy bitch.
Lance Hart was such a weirdo. Would you want to smell my feet too? He thinks the energy coming out of my foot is good, but all I want is a fucking foot rub! Who knew foot worship could be so fucking exhausting? After a little bossing around he got the hang of my feet though…finally!
- Jolene & Lance Hart

Alluring Jolene Hexx shows off her petite sexy feet

Hot blonde Jolene exposing her stunning feet

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There is nothing cuter than watching sexy Jolene Hexx's stunning feet and hearing her dirty words which depict the most erotic foot fetish. This stunning blonde with nice pedicured toes is ready to give out jerking off instructions while being barefoot.
Look at you staring at my feet again. You just cannot stop gazing at them, can you? They are gorgeous, aren't they? With their smooth soles and high arches. I bet your dick is getting hard right now. I know you want to rub your cock against my tootsies. Unfortunately, you cannot do that but I will let you do the next best thing. You can jerk off while looking at my toes.
Take out your dong and start stroking it. While you are jerking off, I will spread my toes and show you every bit of my sexy feet. I bet you crave to squeeze your boner between my big toe and my second toe and toe-fuck my feet. Just keep imagining how these perfect wrinkles would feel great against your prick.
- Jolene Hexx

Worship me and my friend Roxie’s sexy feet

Natalie Laine  Roxie Rae Foot Worship Fetich Toe Spreading Toe Sucking Foot Licking Tube Porn Video

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Natalie Laine and Roxie Rae have teamed up for a delightful foot fest. These pretty little toes look even better together.
Don't you want to suck my little feet? How about my friend Roxie’s? Or if you're nice you can do both at the same time. We would love to have you lick and bite our little feet. They are so dirty, they need to be licked clean. I have tiny little feet that you could totally stick in your whole mouth. Wouldn't you like to do something like that? Get all of that gunk between my toes?
Mmm. We both love it when you really get into it. When you're rough tongue finds their way through the wrinkles in our soles and really gets into those grooves. Don't you like our feet baby? Would you like them clean for us? I know you would baby. Open wide for our pretty feet!
- Natalie Laine & Roxie Rae

Miss Tiffany takes off her heels for a nice game

Miss Tiffany showing her hot feet

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Because petite Miss Tiffany got herself some new footwear she wanted to treat her slave to a nice JOI which would most certainly involve some foot fetish. This kinky chick knows all the tricks which will make her lucky lover cum hard as she is showing off her nice tootsies.
Look at my brand new high heels! I know you have a certain fetish regarding my shoes and my feet. I bet you would like me to take them off. I will but under one condition. I want to watch you jerk off and cum all over my feet. So now that I am barefoot, start fapping your cock while enjoying my sweaty feet. Imagine rubbing your dong against my toes and my wrinkled soles. They are so soft and I know you love that.
Maybe you will like to suck on my toes while you are masturbating. Oh, you are a good boy. It would feel so good for you if you were to fuck my feet now, wouldn't it?
- Miss Tiffany

Teasing your hard cock with my sexy feet

Helena Foot Worship Fetish Obsession Toe Spreading Foot Licking Tube Video Porn

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This fucking asshole thinks that basketball wives is more important than my fucking feet. Who the fuck does he think he is?
I have to show this asshole how to truly treat a woman. These feet need someone to work out all of the tension that they hold and he is going to do it whether he wants to or not.
You'd rub my feet, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you worship those pretty little toes? Stick them in your mouth. Mmm. I love the way it feels when my tiny little toes are all up in your mouth. Mmmm. I have the daintiest little feet that just crave the attention. Won't you show me some fucking love?
- Helena & Kid Dynamite

Rub our feet while lusting over our pedicure

Natalie Laine  Carmen Valentina Foot Fetish Obsession Foot Worship Porn Video Tube

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It's been a while since I've had Carmen over for a girls day. Usually we treat ourselves by going out and getting a mani/pedi, but today we decided to stay in.
Carmen did my feet, and I did hers. What do you think of our pretty little toes? Don't you wish you were here so you could rub them? Maybe give those soft, pink soles a nice hard sniff?
It takes forever for my feet to dry…would you rub them for me while I'm waiting? Carmen told me she wouldn't rub mine, but maybe if you were here to play with us she would be a little more game. What do you think? Doesn't it turn you on to think about our sweet little feet?
- Natalie Laine & Carmen Valentina

Tell me how my tiny feet taste

Asia Perez Foot Worship Foot Fetish Toe Sucking POV Porn Video Tube

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Asia Perez is a pretty Asian punk girl with tattoos and glasses who gets off on you watching her feet. She wants you to imagine you fucking her feet. She is your perfect exotic alt foot girl!
Go ahead and massage my toes. I have cute little toes and I love it when you suck on them. Suck my feet and lick my soles all over. I want you to put my foot all the way in your mouth. Now pull my foot out of your mouth and tell me what it tastes like. It feels so good when you lick my feet.
What do you want to do with my feet? You can stare at them and masturbate as much as you want. Now I want to put my feet in your face. I know you like it when I put my foot in your mouth. My favorite part is when you run your tongue between all of my toes.
- Asia Perez

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